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Should I Use a Windshield Repair Kit?

You’re driving down the road when a rock flies out of a truck bed and smacks into your windshield and bounces off. You inspect the damage and see that it’s a pretty solid starburst-shaped chip. No problem – you can buy one of the windshield repair kits at Walmart and fix it, right? 

Not so fast. Before you decide to DIY your windshield repair, we’re going to see if those kits are worth your time and money or if they do more harm than good. 

How Does a Windshield Repair Kit Work?

Windshield repair kits work by filling the void with resin and letting it harden to a glass-like consistency. In theory, they’re supposed to keep the damage from spreading and fix the blemish in the glass. While all kits have their own instructions and specific methods of use, each one includes instructions, a tool to clean out any slivers of glass from the chip, an injector tool that allows you to apply resin down into the void, and a piece of film to put over it as it cures. After the resin cures, and any excess is removed, you should have a smooth, blemish-free windshield on your vehicle. 

Windshield Replacement

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a Windshield Repair Kit

The two main benefits of using a windshield repair kit is the upfront savings of cost and time. The kits are usually below $25 which is significantly less expensive than calling a professional to fix the crack in your windshield. Also, you can do it any time, usually in around an hour or two, no need to take your car anywhere.

Notice we say, “upfront savings.” First, these kits don’t work on most kinds of windshield damage. Specifically, they only work on chips, specifically the kind that looks like a star, flower, or bulls-eye, and they can’t be used for chips that have spiderwebbing or long cracks and surface scrapes. Also, if you use the kit and it doesn’t work bond or the area didn’t fill completely, cracks can begin to form, and often, windshield repair doesn’t work once a kit has been used. A botched DIY may end up being a windshield replacement.

Why Call a Professional for Windshield Crack Repair

Instructions with a DIY kit are all well and good, but a professional glass repair technician has fixed countless of windshield chips. For example, at our shop, we know how to fix all types of damage, including cracks, spiderwebbing, and starburst chips. Our techs know how much pressure to apply to the resin to prevent cracking around the damaged area, and most important, they use high quality tools and resin to ensure it bonds to the damage and fully fills the chip. 

While you may think that taking your vehicle in to a professional glass repair company is going to set you back hundreds of dollars, it probably won’t be as bad as you think. First, if you have comprehensive insurance coverage, your repair may be free as many insurance companies waive the deductible for windshield damage. 

Even if you do have to pay, getting the chip fixed quickly is much less expensive than waiting until a small chip has a five inch crack extending out across your windshield. 

Bring Your Car to Our Glass Repair Shop in Raleigh

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