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How to Prevent Condensation Inside Your Car

Is there anything more frustrating than running late for work, only to have to take a few minutes wiping away condensation from your car windows? Condensation in your car is more than a nuisance, though. It can inhibit visibility, creating a safety issue, and over time, the moisture can lead to mold spores, odors, and even damage your interior. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to fix what’s causing the problem and prevent condensation in your car from coming back, and our vehicle glass repair company is going to walk you through how to do it. 

What Causes Condensation in Your Car?

When warm, humid air meets cool air, moisture forms. On a large scale, this creates rain or thunderstorms, but on a small scale, it simply creates water vapor which then condenses into droplets leaving behind foggy, damp glass. One common cause is simply breath – exhaling warm air into a cold car in the winter can cause the windows to fog up, but other causes include: 

  • Having a steaming cup of coffee in a cold car;
  • Leaving said drink in the car overnight where it can evaporate;
  • Wet umbrellas and shoes being left in the car;
  • Damaged seals around windows and the sunroof that allow water to leak in. 
  • Opening your car door to hot, humid air when the AC has been on in your car or it’s been parked in a cool garage. 

Any of these can leave your car windows a foggy mess. 

How to Clear Up Foggy Windows Quickly 

If you go out to your car and your windows are fogged up, here are some steps to help you see clearly, even when you’re in a hurry.

First, turn your car’s air conditioner on full blast to keep the air dry and to balance out the temperature in the car. Split the air flow between defrost and your front vents and point them to your windows.

During this time, you can use a clean, dry cloth to wipe your windows, but more than likely, you’ll leave behind streaks as well as the windows will fog back up. After a short time, turn off the A/C and gradually increase the temperature until the windows dry up and become clear. 

Prevent Vehicle Condensation in the Future

The best thing you can do is prevent condensation in the first place so you always have the clear visibility you need. 

  • Clean your windows inside and out with a dry microfiber cloth and and a cleaner made for auto glass. Dirt attracts moisture and also makes it harder to clean, so by eliminating the dirt, you’re tackling a big part of the problem.
  • Get rid of any source of moisture from your car, including wet umbrellas, soda cans or travel mugs that may have liquid in them, or wet shoes. 
  • Use a moisture absorber like Damp-Rid or even cat litter in a pair of panty hose to attract moisture and keep the car dry. 
  • Check your door, window, and sunroof seals for leaks. 
  • If possible, park in your garage with the windows down or leave two windows cracked open on warmer days to keep air circulating, but close them before dusk to prevent dew. 

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