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Your storefront is the first feature people see as they approach your establishment, making it a key focal point that can either attract customers or deter customers. No matter how you want to upgrade your storefront appearance, Glass Solutions possesses the hands-on experience to install and repair storefront glass. For 15 years, we have been installing storefront glass for local and nationally recognized businesses — from glass partitions in the workplace to attractive glass windows and doors that will enhance your storefront appearance.

After we meet with you and learn about your needs, we handle the entire process from start to finish. Our team will design, fabricate, and install the glass of your choice. Whether you want the front facade of a building completely renovated to showcase attractive glass panels or the simple addition of a sneeze guard in your coffee shop to protect your products, we can achieve that. As a way to adhere to high-quality standards, we implement structural glazing in our process which is an architectural technique that combines form and function to create visually striking and technologically advanced commercial spaces. In other words, your space will look pleasing while being simultaneously efficient (think less energy consumption).

Our Storefront Glass Installation Projects

Commercial Glass Services We Provide

Our locally owned and operated business has high standards which is why we communicate with our customers every step of the way to ensure the project is going according to plan. We specialize in the following glass installation and repair services:

Storefront Glass Repair

We can repair cracks and chips in glass panels which restores the structural integrity and prevents further damage. If you have recently discovered an imperfection in your glass (i.e. a chip), contact our team right away to avoid more extensive damage to your storefront.

Emergency Glass Repair

Emergencies happen, so our team is prepared to offer same-day glass repair services for your business. From hail storms to theft, we can replace storefront windows or doors so you can get back to business as usual. Our emergency glass repair services are quick, but we never compromise on quality.

Storefront Glass Replacement

Perhaps you want to renovate your brick building and turn it into an aesthetic pillar of glass — We can help you achieve that. Or maybe you want to replace your dated glass windows with top-quality, tempered glass to achieve an efficient space that looks more modern. No matter your reason for needing or wanting your storefront glass replaced, our team is equipped with 15 years of experience and is ready to work on your project.

Glass Curtain Wall Installation

For those hoping to achieve a seamless look without metal framing, glass curtain walls are a popular option for many businesses. Glass walls are designed to support its own weight and loads imposed upon it, such as wind and rain. They are typically used in high-rise buildings and can meet various structural requirements and building codes. Plus, if you work in a noisy area, glass walls will minimize the noise and increase the amount of natural light — a win-win for you and your customers.

Our Process

Our storefront glass installation or repair process includes the following key steps to ensure the project is suiting your timeline and budget.

Consultation and On-Site Assessment

After you’ve spoken with one of our glass technicians, we will schedule a day and time to assess your commercial space and review your goals, budget, and requirements to ensure we are adhering to each throughout the process.

Glass Selection

Choose the glass you want, or have our team recommend one based on your budget and desires. Choose from clear, tinted, laminated glass, or other specialty glass.

Customize to Your Needs

When needed, we can customize storefront glass to meet your needs. For example, replacement glass can be fit to specific dimensions and design elements. Customization may also include shaping the glass to match unique architectural features or incorporating your logos and branding elements.

Safe and Efficient Removal of Old Glass

The existing storefront glass is carefully and safely removed. Our technicians use appropriate tools and techniques to avoid damage to the surrounding structure and ensure a smooth replacement process.

Precise Installation

This is the fun part! You’ll get to see your new storefront glass in action as new glass panels are installed to fit seamlessly into the storefront frame. Our glass technicians ensure proper alignment, secure attachment, and weatherproofing to prevent any potential leaks or drafts.

More of Our Commercial Glass Projects:

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