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As one of the leading experts of foggy window repair in Raleigh, NC – we get asked all the time: Why do my windows get foggy?

When we examine foggy windows, one of the first things we look at is whether you are in need of window seal repair, or if there is something else going on. It is important to analyze the root cause of foggy windows before we can attempt to repair them. We also look at whether you have insulated windows or non-insulated windows.

Insulated windows, as you can imagine, are significantly more energy efficient than their non-insulated counterparts. When your home’s windows become foggy, it is usually because the seal that attaches the two pieces of glass is failing. This failure allows moist air to get trapped between the two panes of glass, causing your window(s) to fog up.

Why You Should Get Your Foggy Windows Repaired

If your windows are fogging up, it can indicate that your home is losing valuable energy through windows that aren’t properly sealed. This also indicates that your window seal is broken and allowing moisture into the windows. This can lead to further issues such as mold growth and water damage that puts your home at risk of further spread. It is important for the health of your home to stay informed on foggy windows.

Our trained professionals have the tools, experience, and expertise to repair double pane windows in homes throughout the Raleigh area. We can help keep your home free of foggy windows while also protecting your home from water damage, and make sure your home isn’t losing energy that it shouldn’t be.

Benefits of Double Pane Window Repair

Foggy windows may be seen as an inconvenience because they are difficult to see out of, but it is important to understand that foggy windows can lead to more serious issues in the future.

Foggy windows are typically caused by a broken window seal which allows moisture to build up in between the two window panes. This will cause a foggy window but it will also allow for the build-up of mold and water damage if left untreated.  If you don’t repair the broken window seal it can lead to needing more than just a window replacement.

Foggy Window FAQs

What causes foggy windows?

Foggy windows occur when condensation forms when the air is warmer and more humid that the glass window. As the warm air begins to cool, the moisture condenses and you’ll notice fog on your windows. More often than not, foggy windows occur when windows are not properly sealed.

The good news is that your windows many not need to be replaced – it may be as simple as fixing the window seal. Once our Raleigh glass professionals inspect your windows, they will let you know whether your entire window should be replaced or if the window seal is the only thing that needs to be replaced. To begin, you may request a free estimate for your foggy window repair today.

Your windows expand and contract as the temperature fluctuates. On hot days when the sun is heating up your window, it causes the entire window unit to expand. As the weather cools down in the evening, your entire window unit will contract. This expansion/contraction puts pressure on your window’s seals, pushing air out through the seals.

Over the course of time, the stress on your window’s seals causes more air to get in, and along with the air comes moisture – which results in the foggy appearance. When a window seal cracks, becomes damaged, or simply wears out, it will not protect the inside of your home from the outdoor temperature.

Often times, a foggy double pane window can be repaired by simply replacing the window seal. Thankfully, this has been known to save Raleigh homeowners hundreds of dollars!

There are a few tips you can use to eliminate double pane window condensation.

These include:

  • Open you windows to encourage air flow so your home receives proper ventilation
  • Add a dehumidifier to humid rooms or rooms with stagnant air
  • Increase your home’s air circulation by runnings fans and the AC unit often

While these methods will minimize fog on your home windows, they aren’t a viable long-term solution. To have your windows repaired and functioning properly, it’s best to have a Raleigh professional glass installer repair your window seal. To request a free estimate, you can fill out this short form.

There are multiple factors that determine the cost to fix foggy windows. First, our Raleigh glass installers consider the number of windows that need to repaired. Next, we access whether your windows need to be replaced or if we can save you money by just replacing the window seal. However, the typical price range to fix foggy windows is $70-a few hundred dollars.

To request a free price estimate, fill out our form, and one of our Raleigh glass professionals will provide you with a quote.

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