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Since 2008, our locally owned and operated business has been providing window seal repair services to homeowners and businesses in the Triangle. If you need your window seal replaced, our team can help.

Our team is trained with the tools, experience, and expertise to repair double- and triple-pane windows in homes throughout the Raleigh area. Our goal is to keep your home free from foggy windows resulting from broken window seals, to protect against water damage, and to maintain your home’s energy efficiency.

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Signs You Have a Damaged Window Seal

When you have a seal for a window that is broken, you may not take notice at first. But, when a window seal that needs to be repaired or replaced isn’t dealt with, over time you can experience some consequences that you don’t want. 

There are a couple of significant indications that a window seal repair or replacement is needed.

The first sign is usually a foggy appearance that you can’t wipe away because it is actually inside the window. Simply having a foggy window doesn’t mean that you have a serious problem…yet. It can lead to more serious issues but initially, a foggy window can just be an unsightly annoyance.

The second sign of a faulty window seal is that your energy bills increase because your window isn’t insulating properly. This is more serious since it means that your home isn’t as energy efficient as it should be.


When window seals aren’t functioning properly, besides affecting your home’s energy efficiency, you can have further issues develop like mold growth and water damage, which can impact the health of you and your family. It’s best to make corrections before they get worse. Don’t let a broken window seal go without repair!

Call a professional window repair team like Glass Solutions in Raleigh to take care of the issue rather than attempting to fix it yourself.

What is a Window Seal?

Windows in today’s world are more advanced than before. Now, windows are usually double- or triple-pane and contain a perimeter seal that ensures an airtight fit. The window is filled with a gas insulation like argon, so the sealant locks in the gas and prevents outside air from coming inside the house. These windows are referred to as thermal windows, thermal panes, and insulated windows. The seal around the window protects the insulated glass unit but it can become faulty. When this happens, the inert gases can escape and air and moisture can get in between the panes, causing the insulating function to be compromised.

Most window seals may be guaranteed from three to 15 years. If the seal fails within that time frame, the manufacturer often will provide a new window. A window seal can fail for several reasons. Faulty window installation can result in pressure on the glass panes. The age of the window can be a factor in the seal breaking. If the area around the window has been power washed or if a heat gun has been used to strip paint or varnish from a window frame, the seal can be compromised. Settling of the house and high winds can put pressure on the glass panes and cause the window seals to weaken.

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