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If you want to maximize natural light in your building while adding attractive architectural elements, consider glass curtain wall installation from our custom glass company in Raleigh. Curtain walls are common elements in commercial buildings because they not only add natural light into a space which maximizes functionality, they are also aesthetically attractive.

Glass Curtain Wall

Installing a Glass Curtain Wall

Because a curtain wall is a fully glazed wall of glass panels, and it’s designed to cover several floors, it’s hung off of the building’s concrete slab using special anchors, rather than built into the structure. For buildings that are several stories tall, a crane often has to be used to install them.

When you want a glass curtain wall installed in your building, our team designs and constructs the aluminum framing as well as ensures the right glass is being used. We take proper care to make sure our design aligns with the structural needs of the building while providing the aesthetic value you’re looking for.

Installing Interior Curtain Walls and Partitions

Because these glass panel walls are non-structural, these can also be used as interior components. We can install glazed curtain walls to create individual offices, partition an open floor plan, or separate a lobby from the main area. Best of all, glass walls on a building’s interior still allow light to pass through and maintain the openness of a building while providing some privacy.

Why Choose Glass Solutions for Your Glass Curtain Wall Installation?

Glass Solutions is a locally owned and operated glass repair and replacement company who brings over 100 years of combined experience to our customers. We are dedicated to doing the job right whether the task is a simple repair or a complex installation project.

What Is a Glass Curtain Wall?

Curtain walls are a facade of the building made solely of aluminum framing and an infill material to create an attractive architectural element of the building. Often, designers and architects will use stone, metal, or louvers, but, the most common option is the glass curtain wall, in which the aluminum framing is filled with custom glass panels.

While they aren’t structurally necessary to the building, aside from preventing the weather from coming inside, they do have to be designed to transfer energy from the wall to the main structure. Also, consideration has to be taken to ensure the glass is thermally efficient to prevent the building from being too hot or cold.

Many people think that glass curtain walls and the full floor-to-ceiling windows are the same thing, but there are a few key differences.   Most importantly, a  window wall is built by placing glass between concrete slabs, using the slabs to support the structure. Because the concrete slabs break up the glass, the window walls are easier to install and customize, while the individual glass wall panels are easier to repair.

Additionally, window walls are used more often in residential architecture over glass curtain walls because the concrete slabs between the glass in a window wall helps to block noise and create a natural fire stop.

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