Shower Door Warranty:

Glass Solutions guarantees all installations and will repair or replace any faulty glass or hardware for a period of one (1) year from the date of installation. This includes service for caulking, leaking, squeaking, and sagging of any shower installation that we have performed. This warranty does not cover mold or mildew that accumulates on silicone between glass panels or hardware through lack of proper cleaning. Acrylic sweeps, seals and door stops are covered for a period of one year from the time of installation. Keep in mind that replacement of these materials is considered routine maintenance of the glass shower door and need to be done periodically, therefore they are considered the owner’s responsibility. These materials are easily available for purchase.

Insulated Glass Warranty:

We offer a ten-year warranty on the unit(s) unless otherwise specified. Warranty labor after 1 year is at the expense of the customer. However, if there are any problems with seal failure within the first 12 months, Glass Solutions will replace the warranty units without charging for labor. Glass Solutions warranties our workmanship for lifetime to the original homeowner provided the homeowner has maintained the appropriate routine maintenance of the insulated glass seals. (Caulking and painting as needed to keep the moisture from compromising the seal). Making any changes to the window could void the manufacturer’s warranty. Window film/tint voids all manufacturers’ warranties. Most film companies will assume the manufacturer warranty. Check with the film company before making changes to the window/s. There is no warranty on sloped glazing.

Windshield Replacement Warranty:

Our glass is guaranteed for life against defects or stress cracks with our windshield replacement warranty. Our service is guaranteed against leaking, rattling, molding issues, and more. Your warranty is good for as long as you own the vehicle or automobile. You are covered 100%

Windshield Repair Warranty:

The degree of success of each repair is a function of several variable. The best results are obtained when the damage is recent, the point of impact small, the cracks around the damaged area are small, and there is not moisture or other foreign matter in the damaged area.

In some cases, the attempt to repair a windshield can result in the chip or crack becoming larger, and we are not responsible for such damage.

Our windshield warranty works as such: If you are dissatisfied with the repair, we will credit the cost of repair toward replacement. If your insurance company paid for the repair, the insurance company will receive credit.

We guarantee that the repaired portion of the windshield will not crack further and that the repair will pass any state vehicle inspection, or we will credit the cost of repair toward replacement. This windshield warranty applies as long as you own or lease the vehicle on which the repair was made and is not transferable.

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