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You want to create a safe, healthy place for your employees and customers. While regular cleaning and sanitizing is important, we can help you increase safety with our custom glass partitions and sneeze guard installation in Cary, NC.

Whether you want to place a shield between your employees and customers, install barriers and separators between employee workspaces, or protect food from wayward germs, our experienced glass technicians can help you meet your goals and keep your business bright and attractive.

Why Have Sneeze Guards Installed in Your Business?

While sneeze guards are most commonly associated with buffet restaurants, protecting food from airborne germs, the past few years have seen an increase in glass partitions in all types of public spaces. These are used as a “breath barrier” to stop airborne viruses, including the coronavirus, when social distancing is not always possible.

Do Glass Partitions Stop COVID-19?

As cases of COVID-19 increased in 2020, large grocery chains began installing glass partitions at cash registers and customer service counters to block the transmission of airborne viruses. Research showed that these barriers can stop the spread of infection between employees and customers.

These don’t just work against COVID-19; glass partitions can also hold down the spread of colds and flu which, while not as severe as COVID, can negatively impact your business through call-offs and decreased performance.

Why Choose a Glass Partition Over Plastic?

While many sneeze guards and partitions are made of plastic, let’s look at why glass is the better option:

  • Higher quality: Glass has a nicer appearance and improved aesthetic compared to clear plastic.
  • Greater clarity: Glass often has higher clarity, meaning it’s more clear and less distorted than plastic, providing a better customer service experience.
  • Scratch-resistant: Glass is incredibly hard and resistant to scratching, cracking, and breaking, especially when commercial-grade safety glass is used.

Businesses Using Sneeze Guards

  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores and retail establishments
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks
  • Healthcare centers, including doctors’ offices, dentists, and chiropractors.
  • Car mechanic offices. 
  • Post office and shipping centers. 

Installing a Sneeze Guard for Maximum Effectiveness

At Glass Solutions, we will design and install a custom glass partition for your business that is perfectly situated for your needs and for proper effectiveness. This means that your barrier should extend 30 to 36 inches high from a desk or counter, placing the top of the barrier well over six feet from the floor, ensuring protection to even the tallest customers and employees.

In addition to standard sizes, we can customize your glass partition to make it several feet wide for a long counter or we can cut in added pass-throughs for multiple work stations. These are placed at the bottom of the window to maximize protection.  By adding wire mesh, we can even make your glass safer in the event of a robbery.

When you work with the experienced team at Glass Solutions, you’ve got several decades of  commercial glass installation  experience on your side, so you can feel confident that we’re working efficiently to make sure your partitions are stable, secure, and built to last.    

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