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If your windows are consistently foggy, it may be time for a window seal repair or replacement in order to minimize moisture, prevent mold, and restore clarity to your windows. While there are DIY repair kits for window seals available, this is a task best left to experienced glass professionals in Cary. We have the training, tools, and expertise to repair large windows as well as double and triple-pane windows to improve the look of your home.

Signs You Need a Window Seal Repair

Most homeowners don’t notice when the seal breaks around their windows. However, if left unrepaired, you can experience significant negative effects. If you experience the following, you should have your window seals repaired or replaced.

  • Foggy windows that don’t wipe away. The moisture is within the two or three panes of glass.
  • Higher energy bills in the summer and winter because the argon gas between the two windows that provided insulation has leaked out due to the failed seal.
  • Mold and mildew around the window sill are caused by excess moisture.
  • Water damage around the window as moisture seeps in through the gaps in the seal.

Why Choose Glass Solutions for Window Seal Replacement or Repair

As we mentioned above, there are DIY glass repair kits that claim to stop window fogging. However, these kits simply don’t eliminate the moisture problem or the energy loss you can experience. At Glass Solutions, we have an experienced team of glass technicians with over 100 years of combined experience. Our team can take a fogging window and bring clarity through a multi-step process that removes moisture stains and mineral deposits and restores the insulating gas between the panes to eliminate water damage and energy loss.

FAQs About Window Seal Repair

What Is a Window Seal?

In double or triple-paned windows, often called thermal or insulated windows, there is a gas insulation, such as argon, filling the void between the panes of glass. Then, a perimeter seal is installed around the windows to lock the gas in and stop outside air and moisture from entering the home.

If the window seal fails or breaks the inert (or harmless) gas within the window will escape, allowing hot or cold air and moisture to enter.


Using a pressure washer, power washer, or heat gun around thermal windows are the most common reasons for window seals to fail within the first few years of ownership. However, high winds and even just the settling of the house over time can put pressure on the panes of glass and cause the seals to loosen around the area.

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