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Obscure Glass Solutions in Raleigh

Becoming increasingly popular among both homeowners and commercial property owners in Raleigh and surrounding areas, obscure glass is a decorative and aesthetically-pleasing type of glass that is ideal in several instances including residential shower glass repair and replacement, front office settings with engrained company logos, and in small, medium, and large-sized office spaces that warrant some kind of separation or privacy. When installed properly, there are several practical and aesthetic benefits that can increase the value of your home or property. 

What is an obscure glass window? 

Put simply, obscure glass is a type of rolled glass that has a pattern ingrained into its surface. Often used as decorative glass, this type of glass is available in numerous patterns and is highly customizable. The translucent and ‘cloudy’ appearance is a result of the roughing of one side of the glass. Obscure glass is also known as patterned glass, decorative glass, and figured glass. 

obscured glass raleigh

What are the practical uses for obscure glass? 

If you are in search of aesthetically-pleasing glass options that enable privacy and security, obscure glass is for you! Used both in residential and commercial settings, this type of glass is highly-customizable and is said to give off a contemporary and unique feel. No more worries about individuals peaking into your home or commercial property, as obscure glass allows you to see outside while preventing others from looking in simultaneously. This type of glass can also be used as decorative glass. 

Obscure glass is a unique yet practical option when it comes to your home or commercial property, so please contact Glass Solutions if you’re interested in receiving a complimentary quote on your Raleigh residential or obscure glass installation.

What chemical is used to etch glass? 

As mentioned, numerous designs can be etched into one side of a piece of glass to make it obscure. By dissolving silica in a mixture of hydroelectric and hydrochloric acid, quartz powder, calcium fluoride, and concentrated sulfuric acid after extensive heating, the acid used to chemically etch glass is produced.  

Obscure Glass Vs. Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is a type of glass that is cloudy or milky in color. Hiding either in an inside or outside view, this type of glass is highly customizable. Glass Solutions offers top-notch residential and commercial obscure glass installation services in Raleigh and surrounding areas. If you have an idea for an obscure glass installation project, or have questions about whether this type of glass is the right fit for your home or commercial property, let us know so we can put you in touch with one of our glass installation and repair experts

Frosted glass is a form of obscure glass, as it is defined as any type of glass that has a pattern ingrained into its surface. 

Some patterns of obscure glass we’re able to provide include but are not limited to: 

  • Rain drop pattern
  • Pinhead frosted pattern 
  • Aquatek pattern

Why Choose Glass Solutions for Obscure Glass Solutions?  

Glass Solutions offers expert obscure glass installation in Raleigh and surrounding areas. We take pride in offering personalized consultations to determine which options are best for your home or commercial property’s aesthetic, as well as your budget and start-to-finish timelines.  Customers trust us for all of their glass repair and replacement needs because we work quickly and efficiently to ensure a professional, polished result every time.

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