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Safety glass is designed to be very difficult to break. And, when safety glass does break, it typically shatters in such a way that it stays together and doesn’t pose a threat or risk in the form of shards of sharp glass lying around.

Even though safety glass is very tough, it does still run into problems on occasion. Your glass could get chipped or scratched over time. Or, if someone attempted a break-in or hit your glass with force, it could be nothing more than a shattered sheet.

Fortunately, if something like that has happened to your safety glass, here at Glass Solutions, we offer Raleigh safety glass repair, as well as safety glass replacement.

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If you need safety glass repair, security glass repair or replacement or other commercial glass services, contact the Raleigh experts today. We’ll be glad to take a look at your safety glass and assess the damage.

If the damage is minor, we can typically provide you with an accurate estimate on the cost to repair it. For more serious damage, however, we may suggest full replacement. When that is the case, we can help you to find the right replacement glass, and we even offer safety glass installation to get your new glass in place as quickly as possible.

Your first step, however, is to get in touch with us so we can determine how best to assist you.

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When you choose to do business with us, you’ll quickly discover that we truly are the best at what we do. We are proud to offer extremely competitive prices; you won’t find a better deal elsewhere!

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Safety Glass Repair FAQ’s

What Is Safety Glass?

Safety glass is designed to be incredibly difficult to break in order to make it a safer alternative to traditional glass.   Safety glass is a safer version than traditional glass because of its difficult to break but also because it typically doesn’t shatter.   Traditional glass will shatter and spread shards of glass when it breaks but safety glass will typically stay intact if it does face a large amount of force.   There are two forms of safety glass; laminated safety glass and tempered safety glass.

Safety glass comes in two different kinds, laminated safety glass and tempered safety glass.   Laminated safety glass is most commonly found in the windshields of cars.   Laminated safety glass is built with a thin clear piece of plastic that surrounds the glass.   The thin plastic film helps to increase the strength of the glass but it also makes sure that the glass won’t shatter when broken.   The other type of safety glass is tempered safety glass which is created by heating the glass up to high temperatures and then rapidly cooling it which creates very small stress fractures.   Stress fractures may sound like it is weakening the glass but the process actually makes it multiple times stronger than traditional glass.   This also provides the glass with protection against extremely high temperatures and extremely cold temperatures.

Safety glass is used in a wide variety of different products and applications.   Any product that has the potential to withstand strong force or high levels of heat are typically made with safety glass.   Tempered safety glass is used in passenger vehicle windows, to build sturdy glass doors and windows, shower doors, diving masks, as well as a variety of different cookware.

Safety glass can be difficult to repair because of the complexity involved in creating it.   This means that if your safety glass is severely damaged it may be beyond repair and might require a complete replacement.   We recommend that you have a safety glass professional diagnose the severity of the damage in order to understand if you can repair the glass or if the glass must be replaced.

Yes.   Safety glass is capable of breaking.   But the integrity and strength of the glass as a whole is much stronger than traditional glass.   Depending on the type of safety glass, it is created to withstand high forces as well as high temperatures.   If safety glass is struck by an incredibly powerful force such as a high impact car accident it is possible for the glass to break, but it shouldn’t shatter like traditional glass.   Safety glass will break but won’t send shards of glass flying everywhere because of the plastic film that surrounds the glass.   The plastic film keeps the glass in one piece even if it breaks.   This will cause the spiderweb effect on the glass but won’t have the dangerous glass shards to worry about.

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