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One-Way Glass Solutions in Durham

One-way glass is a great choice for businesses and offices that want privacy and security. One-way glass, also known as a one-way mirror, is most commonly known for its use in police departments. But it is also seen in commercial buildings for exterior windows, decoration, and to provide office privacy.

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How Does One-Way Glass Work?

One-way glass is highly reflective on one side. One side of the glass has a thin, metal coating, often made of aluminum. This creates a half-silvered effect.

Although light passes through equally, when one side of the glass is brighter than the other, the glass is reflective to that side, rather than being transparent. This prevents someone from seeing through. On the dimmer side, the glass remains transparent, allowing anyone on that side of the glass to easily see to the other side.

Think about it this way. If you have an office window made from one-way glass, the outside is bright enough, even on a cloudy day, to create a reflective surface so anyone passing by can see inside your office. Light is still able to get through so your office doesn’t feel like a cave.

Benefits of One-Way Glass at Your Durham Business

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are the main benefits of installing one-way glass at your Durham business. This prevents people from seeing inside and potentially scoping out what you have. By blocking the view into your building, you are deterring criminal activity.

Looks Attractive

Mirrored glass gives your office or business a modern look.

Reduces Glare

 While light still filters in through the window, the coating reduces visible light transmittance.

Energy Efficient

One-way glass cuts down on the heat coming through. Reflective glass can help to keep your cooling costs down.


Your employees can easily see outdoors. Plus, your office will appear more spacious and lighter since you don’t have to rely on blinds to cut the glare or for privacy.

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We provide a variety glass services to businesses in Durham and surrounding areas. Our skilled technicians use only the best materials to get the job done to install your customized one-way glass. You can also count on us for repairing cracked or broken glass.

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