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Do You Have A Problem with Foggy Windows?

If your windows frequently get foggy in your Durham home, you’re probably wondering why it’s happening. When you call Glass Solutions, we’ll first look at whether the window seal is to blame and whether it needs to be repaired. Typically, foggy windows happen when the seal that attaches the two pieces of glass is failing. This allows moist air to get trapped between the two glass panes, leading to foggy windows.

If the window seal is intact, our team of professionals will look at other factors that could be leading to your problem. You can count on us to diagnose the problem and work efficiently to fix it.

Why You Should Repair Your Foggy Windows

Foggy windows are an indication that your home is losing energy because the windows aren’t sealed properly. It’s also usually a sign that your window seal is broken, and moisture is getting into the windows. When this happens, mold can start to grow and water damage to occur, putting your home at risk for more damage. If these issues are not addressed right away, you’re also putting your family’s health at risk.

Trust the trained professionals at Glass Solutions to repair the windows in your Durham home. This will remove the fog while protecting your home from water damage. You’ll also notice better energy efficiency which will make your home more comfortable and lower your energy bills.

Foggy Window FAQs

What Does It Mean When You Have Condensation Inside Your Windows?

When condensation occurs inside your windows it typically means that your window seal is allowing moisture to pass through the seal and to be trapped in between the two windowpanes. When this happens, mold can grow within your window if you don’t get your window fixed.

Windows can get foggy if there is too much moisture in the home or if there is a worn-down window seal. If a window seal breaks, moisture from outside can develop between the panes of glass, giving the windows a foggy look.

While a broken window seal is typically the most common reason that your windows become foggy, foggy windows can be caused by too much humidity inside, poor outdoor window drainage, and poor window installation.   It’s important to know what is causing your windows to fog up before getting your windows fixed.

Your window unit expands and contracts based on the weather. On hot days when the sun is heating up your window, the entire window unit expands. As the weather cools down in the evening, your entire window unit will contract. This expansion/contraction puts pressure on your window’s seals, eventually pushing air out through the seals.

When this happens repeatedly, over time, the stress on your window’s seals causes more air to get in. Along with the air, comes moisture, which results in foggy windows. When a window seal cracks, becomes damaged, or simply wears out, it will not properly seal the inside of your home from outdoor elements.

If your windows are constantly fogging up, try turning down your humidifier.   Moisture eliminators, such as DampRid, can also improve foggy windows. These types of products can be used in kitchens, closets, bathrooms, and many other rooms in your home.

By utilizing kitchen and bathroom fans, foggy window problems can usually be solved. Showering and cooking can release extensive amounts of moisture into the air, resulting in clouded and foggy windows. If your home is equipped with ceiling fans, use them!

Weatherstripping can also make a huge difference for foggy windows caused by broken window seals. They can be used to make your home more energy-efficient by ensuring less of your home’s air escapes through the windows.

If you have plants inside your home, you may want to move them away from the windows. Plants can release moisture into the air, making windows foggy and unclear.


In most cases, insulated windows can be resealed. Finding the perfect match can sometimes be difficult. When you hire Glass Solutions, we can help you find a window that will fit your home.


The life expectancy of a window depends on what kind it is. For example, insulated, double pane windows have a life expectancy of 10-20 years. Fiberglass or aluminum windows have an average life expectancy of 25-35 years.

You can try to clean a foggy window, but foggy windows are usually the result of a broken window seal and have nothing to do with cleanliness. If you want to try to clean a foggy window, try using an oven cleaner that has LYE in it. Let the product sit for a minute before wiping it off the window. If your window is not getting clean, a window seal or other issue is to blame. When you call the professionals at Glass Solutions, we can assess your problem and fix it as quickly as possible.


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