Designing a Custom Shower Enclosure

Here are some tips for designing a shower enclosure.

glass showers angles

Tip 5

Shower soffits must plumb down precisely to the footprint of the lower curbs.

Failure to address this issue will produce disappointing results.

Efficient shower design

Tip 6

Never position body sprays opposite an enclosure door or other opening.

Always position body sprays so that they are directed towards tiled walls.

dimensions glass shower enclosure

Tip 8

If you are planning a frameless enclosure, DO NOT use raised, decorative tile on ANY part of the door swing area.

no raised tile glass showers

Tip 9


Drilling during the installation process inevitably results in cracking.

No glass tiles glass showers

Tip 10

Overhangs near door closings create PROBLEM GAPS, resulting in unsightly fillers, or worse…

A return visit from an irritated tile installer to remove the overhang.

Continuous slab as a curb

Tip 19

Bellied, Bowed and Uneven Walls create inadvisable load on hinges and impede their grip on the glass. If gaskets are required, uneven walls may bind and cause premature wear on the gaskets. Extreme situations may warrant the use of a header and/or pivot hinges.

Exhaust fan location examples

Tip 20

A Transom Note:

Planning to have your shower door reach the ceiling? First, make sure the door won’t be hampered by anything installed on the ceiling when it swings open. If an exhaust fan, vent, or light fixture is placed in the path of the swinging door, a transom may be required to give the door clearance.

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