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Does the sunroof on your car have a chip, crack, or leak? Whatever the extent of the damage, Glass Solutions can repair it and get your vehicle safely back on the road in no time. Our knowledgeable and professional auto glass technicians have served the Wake Forest community for over 30 years. Our friendly, prompt, expert service ensures the space inside your vehicle remains safe while navigating the road ahead.

What Type of Sunroof is in Your Vehicle? 

In order to start the process of navigating the needs of your sunroof repair or replacement, it’s best to determine what kind of sunroof is in your car or truck. Sunroof styles vary in visual aesthetics and performance functionality. Some sunroofs work manually, others are controlled digitally. 

While “sunroof” has become the all-encompassing term used to identify the window that allows air and light through the roof of an automobile, the type of sunroof your specific vehicle has will affect the type of service you require. 

  • Top-mounted Sliding Sunroof: A sunroof that moves along tracks above the roof on the outside of your vehicle. This type of sunroof provides extra headroom since the glass panel is on the roof of the car rather than inside the car itself. Many top sliders feature a wind deflector, used to eliminate wind noise.
  • Panoramic Sunroof: This multi-pane roof tilts and slides open further than traditional sunroofs due to the fact that it forms one pane when closed. Often found in SUVs or larger vehicles, natural light is provided to passengers in both the front and rear of the car.
  • Spoiler Sunroof: This common sunroof features a tilting-up action that opens the sunroof and slides on a track along the roof of the vehicle. This allows the sunroof to be set to a venting position, or to be opened up further for an open-air function that allows for more circulation of the air.
  • Solar Sunroof: This modern sunroof is powered by a solar pv panel that draws energy from the sun and saves power from the vehicle’s battery. Solar sunroofs provide a climate-controlled and energy-efficient driving experience.
  • Moonroof: A moonroof is a type of sunroof made of tinted glass that lets light into the vehicle even when completely closed. A moonroof can be tilted to open and allow some airflow, but unlike other types of sunroofs, they do not fully open. 

Not sure what kind of sunroof is in your vehicle? No worries! Our experienced team will identify the type of sunroof in your car and determine the best course of action to fix or replace it. We service Wake Forest and beyond!

Signs your Sunroof Needs Service

Whether it’s an obviously cracked sunroof or some sort of mysterious rattling sound coming from the sunroof above your head, there’s many different reasons your vehicle might be in need of a sunroof repair or a sunroof replacement. 

If you notice any of these issues, give Glass Solutions a call to come out to diagnose and troubleshoot your sunroof: 

A Leaky Seal

One of the most common and recognizable reasons you’re in need of a sunroof replacement is the result of the normal wear and tear of the rubber seals surrounding the glass. Another reason might be due to a clog in the sunroof’s draining system. Ignoring a leak can lead to damage to the interior of your vehicle. This inexpensive, quick, simple repair eliminates water access and protects the inside of your automobile.

Glass Scratches, Cracks, or Shatters 

The glass on your sunroof is built to be sturdy and withstand environmental damage. However, all glass is capable of breaking, which means when met with impact due to a crash, harsh changes in hot or cold weather, or contact with rocks, debris, or other environmental factors the sunroof glass might endure a crack or scratch. Untreated cracks or scratches might lead to spontaneous shattering of glass if left unattended for too long.

Rattling Sounds

If there’s an annoying rattling or shaking sound coming from the roof of your automobile, it’s possible that the glass pane of your sunroof is out of alignment. While this likely isn’t dangerous or a major concern to the immediate health of your vehicle, it’s certainly annoying and can lead to bigger problems if ignored.

Non-Functioning Mechanics

Either your sunroof does not open fully, is stuck and unable to open at all, or does not respond to normal actions used to open and close. These are signs that there could be a dead motor, faulty fuse, stuck gears that won’t respond to at-home troubleshooting. A professional is needed to determine the underlying cause and determine the best approach to your sunroof repair or sunroof replacement. 

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