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Your front door is more than just the entrance to your business. It is often the first impression a new client or customer may have, and each time it opens, it’s a signal of the promise of success. So, if the glass on your front door is cracked, chipped, wavy, or distorted, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Not only for appearances but also to prevent injuries and break-ins. Fortunately, when you need a commercial glass door repair in Cary, NC, our experienced team of glass technicians is there to help restore your attractive door as well as assist with storefront glass repair and replacement throughout your business.

Why It’s Time for a Commercial Glass Door Repair

In addition to safety, having your glass door repaired also presents a better first impression to your customers. Consider these benefits of having a commercial glass door repair completed sooner than later.

  • Upgrade your business: Instead of simply replacing what you had, this is a great time to upgrade to heavier glass that is less likely to chip, crack, or require repairs in the future.
  • Improve energy efficiency: When your current door relies on thinner glass, heat and cold can easily penetrate and make your business either less comfortable or more expensive to keep comfortable. Better, thicker glass in your door can make it easier to regulate the temperature within your store.
  • Create a more attractive exterior: Instead of simply replacing what you had, this is a great time to upgrade to a strong, durable glass or to choose a more attractive aesthetic. We offer pebbled glass, textured glass, and a wide variety of other customization options to give you the look you want.

Why Choose Glass Solutions for a Commercial Glass Door Repair in Cary?

At Glass Solutions, we have an experienced team with over a century of combined experience. We specialize in commercial glass repair and replacement services and understand the necessity of working safely and quickly to minimize interruption to your business and maintain the safety of your customers. Our team will work with you to determine the best solution for your business to meet your aesthetic preferences, deadline, and budget.

Commercial Glass Door FAQs

How Do I Know If I Need a Repair or Replacement?

Often, small chips and cracks can easily be filled and repaired while custom glass, larger areas of damage, or anything with a hole or spiderwebbing would need to be replaced.

Having this completed quickly is essential to keeping your business looking professional and keeping your customers and employees free from injury when entering or leaving the business. We recommend periodically checking the door to ensure there are no small cracks, the door hinges are moving smoothly, and there are no weak or distorted areas.

Yes, commercial glass doors are designed to hold up to high levels of force. It is actually very uncommon for a commercial glass door to break, but if it does happen, they use security glass to keep the components together rather than shattering and spilling glass everywhere.

While we work quickly and efficiently to complete each project, each project is slightly different so it can take anywhere from a half an hour to a few hours or longer. However, we always provide a clear window for the amount of time you can expect the project to take.

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