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A glass curtain wall creates a striking exterior appearance to your building while adding beauty and natural light inside. These are commonly used in commercial buildings, but residential glass curtain wall installation in Cary is becoming more common, especially in modern and contemporary homes. When you need a glass wall installed, our experienced team can do the job right, taking care to ensure the highest clarity and greatest durability to ensure long-lasting, beautiful results.

Cary NC Glass Curtain wall

Understanding Glass Curtain Walls

Unlike tall windows that are individually framed into the wall, a curtain wall is a fully glazed wall of glass panels within aluminum frames that are independent of the structure of the building’s walls. Instead, a glass curtain wall is a facade of the building that is made of aluminum framing and glass which is then hung from a concrete slab within the structure using special anchors. Designed to cover several floors or single-story buildings with high ceilings, special cranes are often used in glass curtain installation to handle the weight of the heavy glass and aluminum framing.

Interior Glass Curtain Wall Installation and Partitions

In addition to exterior curtain walls, we can also install them indoors to create interior components. Because they are non-structural, these make excellent, noise-dampening partitions for open floor plans, to create separate offices, or to delineate a reception area. Choosing this instead of traditional walls or partitions allows light to pass through to create a spacious, airy feeling to the building while offering privacy.

Why Choose Glass Solutions for Glass Curtain Wall Installation

When you need glass walls installed for your building or home, our company has the experience and knowledge to ensure both safety and beauty. Our team of glass repair technicians brings over 100 years of combined experience, but just as important, we have the dedication to customer service to ensure we do every job with your satisfaction in mind. We provide many other commercial glass services, from storefront glass replacement to office windows.

Glass Curtain Wall FAQs

Are Glass Curtain Walls Energy Efficient

The glass in curtain walls are designed to be thermally efficient to the building from being overly hot from the sun or overly cold from energy transfer and energy loss into and out of the building.

A curtain wall and floor-to-ceiling windows are two very different structural elements. A window wall is installed by placing glass between concrete structural support slabs, using the slabs as additional support. A curtain wall is hung from one of the slabs and is built into the wall in the same manner.


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