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5 Benefits of Using Glass Partitions in the Workplace

For much of 2020, the spread of COVID-19 means that businesses have either had to close, shift to remote work, or attempt social distancing in a setting that makes it nearly impossible. As we attempt to move back to normal, businesses are seeking out ways to keep people safe but also still provide an environment that facilitates productivity and communication. Glass partitions in the workplace are making this possible, and our custom glass company in Raleigh wanted to share the five benefits you can take advantage of by installing them around the office or workplace.

Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 in the Workplace

The number one benefit right now to having glass partitions (often called “sneeze guards”) installed is that it minimizes the spread of COVID-19. In open-layout offices, reception areas, and other open workspaces where social distancing recommendations can’t be maintained, there’s nothing to stop respiratory droplets known to contain the novel coronavirus. A sneeze, cough, or even a yawn can lead to several people testing positive, which can cause an entire office to have to shut down for a period of 14 days. By providing barriers around workspaces in open-layout offices or installing them in customer-facing areas like reception desks, the germs hit a physical barrier and stop the spread of illness, keeping your team healthy and your business open. 

Glass Partitions Minimize Seasonal Illnesses (and Sick Days) 

While COVID-19 is at the forefront of public health, consider other seasonal illnesses, like colds, stomach bugs, and the flu, and how they can sweep through an office. One round of flu can lead to a majority of your team being out sick for several days, grinding productivity to a near-halt and putting added stress on the people still able to work. Just like how glass partitions in the workplace can reduce the spread of coronavirus, they can also stop the spread of common seasonal illnesses, keeping your team healthy and reducing the amount of sick days people have to take. 

Physical Barriers Reduce Noise Pollution

Open office layouts, call centers, and similar work spaces are a constant jumble of voices talking, fingers typing, chairs squeaking, and countless other sounds and noises. This can be distracting to both your team and also to clients who are visiting the office or who are on the phone and can hear the background noise.

Adding physical barriers around individual work areas can minimize the din around the office as sound doesn’t transfer through glass well. Even just a few strategically placed partitions can make a significant dent in the decibel level around the office, improving concentration, reducing distraction, and making the workplace more conducive to productivity and better customer service. 

Extend Existing Cubicles with Minimal Cost

If your current office set up has cubicles and partitions, but they aren’t high enough to minimize or reduce the spread of illness, you can have glass partitions installed on top of them. This is a much more efficient, economical option compared to having to switch out the existing set up, and because they are glass, it doesn’t reduce visibility around the office. 

Glass Partitions Are Easy to Maintain

Compared to fabric covered cubicle walls, clear acrylic, and other options for physical barriers, a glass partition is one of the easiest to maintain. Tempered glass is heavy-duty, so scratches, cracks, and breakage is unlikely, and is much more durable than thin sheets of plexiglass, and it’s much easier to clean, especially when disinfecting and sanitization is a concern. 

Glass also has the added benefit of being attractive. Unlike acrylic or plexi that can have a hazy look to it or have a “fun-house mirror” effect, high-quality custom glass is beautifully transparent, or can be customized to have a pattern, frost, or other aesthetic preference added to it. 

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