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Office Window Services in Cary

Glass Solutions is your one-stop for quality commercial window repair and replacement in Cary that you can count on. We have a team of glass professionals who have the experience to deliver custom window and glass replacement services to offices and businesses in Cary and surrounding areas.

You can count on us for all your commercial glass needs from office windows, storefront windows, corporate buildings, and much more! When you choose Glass Solutions, you are working with a company that takes pride in its work and offers exceptional customer service.

Office Window Repairs in Cary

When businesses in Cary need window repair and replacement services, they come directly to Glass Solutions.

Why choose us over the competition?

  • We offer expert commercial glass repair and replacement.
  • Our teams work efficiently and quickly.
  • We are always on time, courteous, and professional.

Cary businesses know they can rely on us for all of their window repair and replacement services.

Do I Need My Office Windows Repaired or Replaced?

It can sometimes be difficult to determine whether you only need to repair your windows or if you should get them replaced. Some reasons why people opt to replace them include:

  • Increasing the curb appeal of your business by keeping your exterior appearance up to date.
  • Outdated windows send the wrong message about your business. Sleek, modern office windows are much more appealing and show that you care how your business looks.
  • Newer windows are more energy-efficient than older windows.
  • New windows can help you lower your overall operating costs by preventing warm or cool air from escaping.
  • You have broken glass due to criminal activity.
  • There are new storefronts or entrances.

If you’re not sure whether replacement or repair is best suited for you, contact Glass Solutions and one of our experts will come out and survey your windows. They will give you their professional recommendation about the status of your windows and what your next step should be.

Types of Glass We offer for Commercial Office Window Replacement Include (but is not limited to):

  • Tempered glass
  • Float glass (best for windows, doors, interior glass walls)
  • Laminated security glass (great for high-security environments)
  • Tinted or Low-E glass (great for businesses located in areas of extreme weather temperature changes)
  • Multi-purpose glass
  • Decorative glass

Office Window Repair & Replacement FAQ

What are the Benefits of Repairing your Office Windows?

When you repair your office windows, you are investing in windows that are strong and safe. They don’t pose a threat of shattering from weather or criminal activity. Besides being safe, they also have massive curb appeal. They portray your business as new and sleek. When customers see windows that are old or broken, it puts your business in a negative light. The team at Glass Solutions can help you decide whether it’s best to repair or replace your windows.


The cost of repairing or replacing a window in an office or business park can vary depending on the size of the window and the type of project.   Smaller issues and smaller windows will be on a different pricing scale compared to replacing a window that runs from the ceiling to the floor. You can count on our trained professionals to evaluate the status of your windows and present a solution to the problem.


Large cracks or shattered glass are clear indicators that your windows need to be replaced. But there are other times when it’s not so obvious. This is why you’ll want to routinely check the health of your windows. Also, be sure to notice if any hot or cool air is noticeably passing through your windows. This is a clear indicator that the window is not sealed properly.


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