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When you need additional privacy and security for your building, one-way glass, also called a one-way mirror, is an excellent solution. While it’s most famously used in police department interrogation rooms, it is more often used in commercial buildings as exterior windows, for decoration, or to create private offices or meeting rooms. If you are in need of added privacy, we can create customized partitions, glass walls, and more using one-way glass.

Understanding One-Way Glass

Unlike traditional glass that is transparent on both sides or like a mirror that is reflective on one side and opaque on the other, one-way mirrors are both. One side of the glass has a very thin aluminum coating, and the other side is left transparent.

As light passes through, when one side is more brightly lit than the other, the glass is reflective. On the side that is dimmer, the glass is transparent, so you can see through. In a police department’s interrogation room, the questioning room is very brightly lit, thus, the glass is reflective. However, the observation room connected to the questioning room is kept dimly lit, allowing those in the room to watch the questioning and not be seen.

Benefits of One-Way Glass Installation

Having one-way glass installed at your business in Cary allows you to improve security. Passers-by can’t see inside, meaning they can’t observe and plan around security measures or see what’s happening inside. This helps deter thefts and break-ins.

Other Benefits of Reflective Glass

  • Attractive Appearance: Mirrored glass gives a crisp, contemporary look to your commercial building.
  • Reduces Glare: While light still filters in, it’s not as harsh or glaring due to the coating reducing visible light transmittance.
  • Visibility: You and your team can still see outside and you will actually get more light since you don’t have to rely on blinds or shades.
  • Energy Efficient: The coating minimizes light and heat transfer into the building, keeping the building cooler during hot summers.

Glass Solutions Provides Customized One-Way Glass

At Glass Solutions, we work with businesses and organizations around Cary to provide all types of glass needs. Whether we are installing new reflective glass or repairing cracked or broken glass, we are the Triangle’s leader in commercial glass installation and repair.

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