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Protect Your Business’s Glass From Severe Weather

The North Carolina area is known to get hit with severe weather such as hurricanes and tropical storms every year which can cause serious damage to your home or business.  This makes it vital to prepare for the incoming storms.  Our team specializes in residential glass and commercial glass services but we also understand what it takes to protect glass from storms.  Our weatherproofing services and board-up services can help protect your home or business from possible damage caused by weather.

Our Weatherproofing Services

If you have a commercial business or storefront windows and glass doors that are in the path for severe weather it is important to give us a call as soon as possible.  Our team will be able to analyze the design and structure of your building which will allow us to come up with the best action plan to protect it.

Glass Weatherproofing Services Raleigh

Each type of building is different as a home on the bottom of a hill will have to worry about flooding where a large glass commercial building will have to focus more on protecting the windows.   Our team has worked with a variety of different types of buildings from residential homes to large office buildings.   This experience helps us evaluate and assess your property to help develop a weatherproofing plan.

Once we have the plan prepared we will begin protecting the most important parts of the building such as the doors, windows, garage doors, bay windows, protecting the roof, and other areas of the home that are prone to damage.

Protecting your home or office from weather will help maintain the health of your home but it will also protect you from broken glass.  Storms can easily blow out windows that can send shards of glass flying.  It is important to protect the glass from any high force windows or rain that could shatter them.  This will protect the interior of your home or building from getting damaged but will also protect you from the broken glass.  Another benefit of an emergency board up service is that it protects your building from illegal entry.

What Are Emergency Board Up Services?

Emergency board up services is a weatherproofing technique that is often done prior to storms.  This involves reinforcing the windows, doors, and other vulnerable aspects of a home or building in an attempt to protect it from the weather.  Board up services can also be done after a storm hits in order to patch up the damage before you are able to completely repair and replace the issue.  Board up services are used to minimize the total damage in order to protect your home and save you money that you would be spending on repairs.

How Are Buildings Weatherproofed From Storms

When you get news that a storm is coming in it is important to act as soon as possible.  The first step our team takes is evaluating the building to make sure we protect the most vulnerable aspects of the building such as the doors, windows, roof, bay windows, and other sections.  After we have a better understanding of what sections of the building need to be protected then we will move forward with utilizing plywood boards to cover up and protect the glass of the building.  This will protect the glass from shattering and will also stop illegal entry that could take place.  We are confident that our weatherproofing services can help protect your glass windows as well as other aspects of your home.

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