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When it comes to having mirrored walls added to your business’s decor or design, this is not a project you want to leave to chance. Instead, our commercial glass installation and repair company in Raleigh will work with you to make sure the job gets done right, installing high-quality mirrors with precision, care, and long-lasting stability.

 Using Mirrors for Wall Decor in Your Business

For spaces that feel small or that don’t get ample lighting, mirrors are a more budget-friendly alternative to knocking down walls and doing major renovations in order to get a more open, brighter feel. By reflecting light and directing the eye beyond the wall mirrors create a feeling of continuity which, when used strategically, can make a room or area feel larger, lighter, and more open. 

Also, the mirrors themselves can be an exciting design element for your business. Mirrored walls have been used for decades to create a feeling of sophistication or adding a modern touch to the interior residential and commercial decoration. From large sheets of mirrored glass that can be etched with designs to smaller mirrors used as tiles to create a more textural look, they are both timeless and avante-garde.

Some businesses even use mirrors to evoke a feeling in a space. For example, mirrors are used in feng shui to shift the energy of a room, expanding the space to allow more positive energy to flow through the area. For this reason, mirror walls are often used in spas and massage therapy centers. 

Installing Mirrored Walls for Functionality

In addition to the design element of mirrors, we often install mirrored walls in Raleigh businesses for functional purposes.

Gyms and Exercise Studios

For example, in gyms, exercise classes and yoga studios, wall mirrors allow the participants to perfect their technique and ensure they are moving in the correct ways to avoid injury and maximize their results. 

Dance Studios and Classes

In dance studios, having full wall mirrors allow the dancers to perfect their technique by seeing their form from multiple angles. It’s important to have full walls of mirrors installed rather than individual mirrors to prevent breaks in visibility and to ensure that people using them get the most out of them. 

Clothing Boutiques and Stores

While clothing boutiques and shops used to use standing mirrors for customers to use, today, mirrored walls are more common in clothing stores. Installed outside the dressing room, they provide more space for shoppers to get a clear look without having to crowd around one single mirror or take turns. 


Instead of full wall mirrors, half-wall mirror panels are ideal for use in salons so clients can get a clear look at their hairstyle while the large sheets of reflective glass make the area seem more open and lighter.

Why Choose Glass for Your Mirrored Walls

In addition to glass, mirrors are often made from Mylar, acrylic, and plastic. However, they don’t hold up well over time, and are often blurry and can create a distorted reflection. Whether you’re using mirrors for decoration or function, you want to provide the cleanest, clearest image, which is why you should only consider glass mirrors. If you’re concerned about safety glass, consider tempered glass. 

Choose an Experienced Glass Installer for Your Mirrored Walls

Instead of purchasing full wall mirrors with the intent to install or hang them yourself, it’s better to rely on a company with experience and knowledge of how to hang full panels. At Glass Solutions, our glass installation and repair experts have a combined 100 years of glass installation knowledge in addition to the tools and equipment necessary to make sure the work is done with care and precision. You can feel confident that any work we do will last while also adding beauty and value to your commercial space. 

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