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At Glass Solutions, we are the experts to call on for custom mirrors in Raleigh. Few decorative items can do as much as a mirror to make a huge impact in a room. A beautiful mirror can amplify light, illuminate a room, add drama, frame views, and provide interesting reflections. By creating the illusion of depth and space, mirrors can even make a small space feel much bigger. 

Not only can we fabricate the mirrors that are “just right” for your spaces, but we can help you decide what works best in your space. As home glass professionals, we offer advice about the size, shape, edging, and placement of mirrors in your home. After those decisions are made, we create the custom mirror and then install it, providing a one-stop shop with seamless service.

Providing Advice

It can be overwhelming to pick out the perfect custom mirror that is going to have the effect you are looking for. Our professional experts talk to you about what you want the mirror to do. Do you want it to do more than just be where you check your appearance? For example, we will help you discover such aspects as:

  • Improving light for a dark space
  • Adding texture
  • Reflecting items in a room
  • Creating an illusion of spaciousness
  • Decorating the room

By determining these details, we can help you make decisions regarding design, size, and placement of the mirror.

Custom Mirror Ideas

Our team at Glass Solutions is experienced in creating high-quality custom mirrors for homes in Raleigh. We can produce any shape and size you need, even as large as 60″ x 120″ for big spaces, and provide safety backing as an option to protect the wall. Options we offer include:

  • Hanging mirrors
  • Large, floor to ceiling mirrors
  • Bedroom mirrors
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Framed mirrors
  • Mirrored tabletops

Custom Mirror Edge Types

We have several options when it comes to choosing your preferred edge type for your new mirror.

  • Seamed Edge: This option minimizes the sharp edging on the mirror, recommended if the edges are not visible.
  • Beveled Polish Edge: Creating an extra detailed finish to your mirror a beveled edge usually consists of two different angled edges.
  • Flat Polish Edge: This provides a shiny finish to the edge of a mirror, ideal if the edges are visible.

Custom Mirror Installation in Raleigh

Installing a mirror requires skill and caution. You can leave that to us! Our custom mirror experts are experienced and can install your mirror perfectly. Trust us to use the hanging method that the mirror requires such as Mirror Mastic, mounting tape, decorative clips, mirror clips, L-bars, and J-channels.

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