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There’s more to car safety than properly functioning airbags and fastening your seatbelt. If a windshield is damaged, it’s important to get it repaired as soon as possible before the damage grows and your vehicle becomes dangerous to put on the road. Windshield repair is a crucial step in eliminating potential dangers and long-term issues in your car or truck. 

How do you know if a tiny chip in your windshield will benefit from a repair? Repairing your windshield as soon as possible can help prevent the need for a windshield replacement. Our mobile team of auto glass specialists at Glass Solutions will come to you to repair your windshield. We serve Wake Forest, Raleigh, Durham, Garner, Cary, Apex, and all the surrounding areas.

Choosing Windshield Repair or Replacement

Cracks and chips in your windshield can often be repaired, though sometimes windshield replacement is the only option to ensure the structural integrity of the glass. Many of our Wake Forest, NC customers are surprised at the extent we can repair damage to auto glass.

If your windshield has a recent chip that is smaller than ½” in diameter or a single crack that is three inches long or less, we can fix it. Typically, we look at the size, depth, and location of damage to determine the best option to ensure safety and long-lasting durability. For example, a small, new chip in the center of the windshield is easily fixed, but a long crack on the edge of the windshield that can quickly spread or affect visibility would mean the glass should be replaced. 

For our team to assess whether your windshield is eligible for a repair versus a replacement, we will consider the following three factors: 

  • The size: chips smaller than the size of a quarter and cracks smaller than 3 inches in length are easily repaired. 
  • The depth: windshields are made of several layers of glass and plastic– the outer layer, the internal plastic interlayer, and an inside glass layer. If chips or cracks reach the inner layer of glass, they cannot be repaired, they must be replaced entirely. 
  • The location: if the windshield damage is near the outer edges of the glass, dangerously affecting the structural integrity of the car. If there are pits, cracks, or chips that directly obstruct the driver’s view, a windshield replacement is likely a more suitable choice. 

A full windshield replacement is necessary for circumstances such as: 

  • spiderweb cracks or any crack longer than three inches
  • multiple chips or excessive pits in the glass from road debris
  • a single chip larger than ½” in diameter
  • a chip or crack that is growing in size or spreading
  • a chip or crack that affects visibility
  • shattering caused by extreme temperature changes, accidents, destructive debris, or the result of an untreated or ignored crack 

How Windshield Repair Works

Repairing a windshield isn’t a “temporary fix,” it is a permanent repair designed for minor chips and cracks in your windshield. With chips, the rough edges are smoothed, loose slivers are cleaned out, and all air is removed from the void. Then, a clear resin is placed into the crack or chip to bond the glass and ensure a strong, durable repair that will last the lifespan of your windshield. Once it cures, it will not only stop any damage from spreading, it will minimize the appearance of the crack or chip. This process usually takes around an hour when done by a professional windshield repair technician. 

The Benefits of Windshield Repair 

If you’re unsure whether you should replace or repair your windshield, consider these benefits: 

  • Peace of mind. If you get a chip or a crack, it may not be a problem for weeks or even months, but it can quickly spread and is more likely to shatter, which can be dangerous in the event of a collision. 
  • Ensures structural integrity. The faster you get a chip or crack repaired, the better it is for your windshield. A repair is meant to be permanent, strengthening the surrounding glass with a powerful resin. 
  • Significantly less expensive. In most cases, repairs can be completed between $75 and $200, whereas replacements vary greatly, starting at $200 and ranging in cost up to as much as $1,000. The cost typically depends on your vehicle’s make, model, and year.

Our team can quickly repair a damaged windshield and have you back out on the road soon. 

How Do Windshields Keep Us Safe? 

The windshields in cars serve several vital functions to keep us safe on the road. Windshields provide unobstructed views of the road while shielding passengers from elements like dirt, debris, rocks, and dangerous weather conditions. Windshields provide structural integrity to the vehicle– if you are involved in an accident and the car becomes crushed or rolls over, the windshield supports the weight, keeping it from crushing in.

Front windshields are also important in deploying the driver and front passenger airbags. A windshield that is damaged may not properly be able to absorb the impact of life-saving airbags. It’s unlikely you would feel comfortable driving your car without airbags at all, yet windshield replacement for cracks and chips is one of the most overlooked safety upkeep in automobiles. Don’t drive around with a damaged windshield when our experienced team of windshield repair specialists is waiting for your call to help get your vehicle back to its optimal performance.

We understand that there are many inexpensive windshield repair kits that promise great results, making it tempting to opt for a quick-fix option. However, it’s important to note that DIY repair is no competition for our certified, experienced professional window repair services.

Repairing your own windshield is not as easy as commercials or product descriptions will tell you– in fact, it is quite difficult for non-professionals to get the precise finish necessary for a long-lasting repair. If there are any slivers of glass left or air between the void and the resin, additional cracks can form. A windshield repair DIY kit may ultimately waste your time, effort, and money if you have to take it to a repair shop down the road. Opting for a quick fix over quality and professional service can cost you more time and money in the long term.

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