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If your home’s window seals need to be repaired or replaced because you have foggy windows it’s important to contact a professional in window repair[/link to ensure your home is properly insulated and protected from outdoor elements. 

Our glass experts in Wake Forest understand the importance of having windows that function fully and are devoid of any cracks or breakage at the seals. Unless you are an expert in window repair and replacement, it may be difficult to determine the best course of action for getting the most out of your windows and protecting your home from water buildup, mold, or mildew. 

Our window seal repair and replacement team are trained with the tools, experience, and expertise to repair your double-pane and triple-pane windows. Our goal is to keep your home free from foggy windows caused by poor insulation and broken seals. 

How Do I Know if My Window Seals Need to be Repaired? 

Window seals are not detectable to our eyes just on-site, so there are other factors in determining if you will need a window seal repair or replacement. 

When you first notice window fog, try to clean your windows and see if any of the foggy appearances are reduced thanks to the cleaning. Sometimes a foggy window might be due to needing a deep clean– however, if your cleaning efforts do not impact the foggy look of your windows, it’s time to consider having a professional come to inspect your windows. 


In addition to not responding to cleaning efforts, if you notice that your energy bills have increased this could be a sign of a faulty window seal. Your window isn’t doing its job to insulate your home properly, and in order to avoid further expensive energy costs and other consequences of a foggy window, having your seals inspected and replaced may be the most useful next step.

To avoid astronomical energy costs and the potential for mold growth and water damage, consider scheduling a foggy window repair. Call our professional window repair team at Glass Solutions in Wake Forest to fix your broken window seal and get your home back to normal.

What is a window seal?

Windows have evolved and become more advanced throughout the years– usually, modern-made double-pane or triple-pane windows contain a perimeter seal that ensures your windows are airtight. Since windows are filled with gas insulation like argon, a properly functioning window seal locks the gas internally, and prevents outside air from entering the home.

These window types are referred to as thermal windows, thermal panes, or insulated windows. The seal around the window protects the insulated glass unit but it can become faulty. When this happens, the inert gasses can escape and air and moisture can get in between the panes, causing the insulating function to be compromised.

Any type of rubber can be used to make window seals, with the most commonly used rubbers being Claytonrite, silicone, ethylene propylene (EPDM), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), and rubber U channels.

Properly working window seals are imperative to the health of your windows and the protection of your home from outside elements. Window seals help prevent noise, moisture, dirt, and debris from entering your home.

Most window seals will last for 10 years, but it is recommended to check the seals on your windows every five years. Checking your windows before the 10-year mark is important to see if there are any cracks or damage to the seals that can be repaired before causing foggy windows.

Most window seals function properly anywhere from three to 15 years. If your window’s seal fails within that frame of time, the manufacturer’s warranty will likely cover repairing or replacing your window seal.

A window seal can fail for several reasons:

  • Pressure on the glass panes due to bad insulation.
  • The window’s age affects its performance over time.
  • Seals can be compromised by power washers, heat guns, stripped paint, or varnish.
  • Pressure on the glass window panes from normal settling of the house or high-pressure winds.

Believe it or not, your window unit expands and contracts based on the weather. On hot days when the sun is heating up your window, it causes the entire window unit to expand. As the weather cools down in the evening, your entire window unit will contract. This expansion/contraction puts pressure on your window’s seals, eventually pushing air out through the seals.

Now, repeat this action on a daily basis, and over the course of time, the stress on your window’s seals causes more air to get in, and along with the air comes moisture. This moisture results in a foggy appearance. When a window seal cracks, becomes damaged, or simply wears out, it will not properly seal the inside of your home from outdoor elements.

Insulated windows can be resealed in most cases. Typically, after finding the damaged window seal, the toughest task is finding an exact match for the old one. Glass Solutions of Wake Forest, NC is well-versed in window seal repair and foggy window repair and would love to help in any way possible.

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