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How to Clean a Glass Shower Enclosure

Glass shower enclosures are a popular option in Raleigh homes because they’re modern, attractive, and require minimal upkeep. However, soap scum and hard water can turn your glass shower door cloudy instead of clear while mildew can collect around the framing. To restore the look of your shower, we’re sharing some effective tips to remove buildup and mildew while also providing some ways to keep it clean moving forward!

Removing Hard Water Stains from a Glass Shower Door

If you have hard water, or water that is high in minerals like calcium and magnesium, you may have a chalky or white residue built up on your shower glass. To remove the stains, try one of these options:

Naturally Remove Hard Water Stains

Hard water is alkaline, so you need an acid to cut through them. Try spraying your glass shower enclosure with lemon juice or vinegar, letting it sit for five minutes, then wiping down the glass with paper towels.  This works best on widespread hard water that’s not too thick, such as in a frameless shower enclosure.

You may find that gently wiping down the glass with salt water before spraying with vinegar or lemon juice is more effective, and while it requires a bit more elbow grease, it’s a safe, natural option. 

Removing Thick Hard Water Buildup

A damp melamine sponge (commonly known as a “Magic Eraser”) can safely scrub away hard water without scratching the glass. For thick hard water buildup, moisten the sponge, dip it in a bit of baking soda, then use it to gently scrub or buff away the hard water without etching the glass. This method works best on hard water deposits that you may see in a framed shower enclosure. 

For the most difficult hard water stains, you may need to head to the hardware or home improvement store for a commercial paste cleaner that’s specifically designed to cut through hard water. Just make sure you use a soft cloth and follow the instructions to avoid leaving unattractive streaks or a hazy residue. 

Removing Soap Scum from a Glass Shower Door

Soap scum is another by-product of hard water – soap combines with the minerals in water and creates a filmy, unattractive “scum.” on your glass shower doors. Like hard water, it’s not difficult to remove with these options: 

Remove Thin Amounts of Soap Scum

Like hard water, you need something that will cut through the substance. Spraying distilled white vinegar in your shower and letting it sit for five to ten minutes before wiping it off can remove mild buildup.

Removing Heavy Soap Scum Build Up 

For heavier soap scum, mix a cup of baking soda with a quarter-cup of white distilled vinegar to create a thick paste. After it stops fizzing and bubbling, use a microfiber towel, melamine sponge, or kitchen sponge to apply it to the glass shower enclosure. Let it sit for 15 minutes, then wipe it down with a microfiber towel and rinse with water. Take special care to where it may be thicker around framed or semi-frameless shower enclosures.

Cleaning Mold and Mildew from a Framed Shower Enclosure

Unlike frameless shower enclosures that have minimal structural framing, framed enclosures can collect unsightly mildew and mold. To effectively remove it and any staining from your shower, spray it with hydrogen peroxide and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it off.

If peroxide doesn’t work, spray the area with bleach and let it sit before wiping it off. However, if you’re using bleach, make sure you aren’t using any other products in the bathroom. Vinegar, ammonia, and peroxide can all react with bleach and create toxic, dangerous fumes. 

Keeping Your Glass Shower Enclosure Clean

Once you’ve got your shower looking brand new, you want to keep it that way! Avoid stains and build up with these methods: 

  • Running an exhaust fan will keep mold and mildew from growing in your shower.
  • Keep a squeegee in the bathroom and run it across your glass shower doors after every shower to prevent soap scum and water stains. You can also use a microfiber towel to dry the shower after each use. 
  • Apply a wax-based protective coating on your glass shower enclosure to prevent water and soap scum from actually connecting with the glass.
  • Clean your shower regularly with vinegar to avoid build up.

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