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Residential Glass Replacement & Glass Repair in Garner

Glass Solutions provides glass replacement & glass repair solutions to homes in Garner. Our glass professionals offer in-home glass services that cover a wide variety of glass repair & replacement options for windows, glass shower enclosures, foggy windows, and more! If you are looking to upgrade your home, we can provide glass solutions in various parts of your home to enhance the efficiency of the home, upgrade the glass portions of your house, and ultimately increase the value of your home.

 Glass Repair Solutions For Garner

Each home that Glass Solutions provides service to presents a unique project for our glass technicians. When it comes to windows and glass fixtures in your home, we are your one-stop-shop for all glass needs. We have been providing glass services to the Garner area for years, building up a reputation as the best glass repair company in Garner. Our glass experts are highly experienced in handling all glass projects in your home and would love to be part of your next home glass project.

Residential Glass Services

We offer a variety of in-home glass services to assist our customers with any glass need they might have. We always start off with a free evaluation and estimation on the scope of work that will need to be done in order to complete your project. This customer transparency allows us to give you an idea of a cost and time estimate of the project before we start the work. The Glass Solutions team produce only the finest work and we value customer satisfaction greatly, providing you with a fantastic experience from day one. 

We specialize in residential glass repair, replacement, and installation services in Garner for the following:

Types of Glass We Work With

Glass Solutions has the ability to work with a variety of different glass types, depending on our customer’s needs. We prefer to educate our clients on the benefits of each glass type before we execute on work to ensure that our customers have all the available options for the project before we begin. Our glass technicians would be happy to answer any additional questions that you might have about the different types of glass that we work with. We specialize in the following glass types:

  • Laminated Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Frosted Glass
  • Reflective Glass

Window Repair & Replacement

If you are looking to replace a window in your home in Garner, Glass Solutions can help. Older homes typically experience windows that do not function properly, collect condensation and moisture, and might have been damaged over the years. We will send our glass experts to your home to evaluate the extent of work that will need to be completed for your residential window repair. Our experts will review any cracks, scratches, foggy windows, and more to provide you with the different glass repair & replacement options that we can provide you with. 

If you are seeking to replace the windows in your home, we will provide you with all available options for replacement glass and upgrades that might be of interest to you. We can showcase the different window types we can replace such as, sliding, double-hung, single-hung, and much more. 

Shower Glass Repair & Replacement

If the glass shower enclosure in your bathroom has been damaged in any way or if the glass shower door is broken, Glass Solutions can help. We can evaluate the shower enclosure you have and provide a replacement of the glass walls or door to restore the shower back to the original state. 

Revitalizing the bathroom in your home can start with a custom glass shower. The team at Glass Solutions can provide your bathroom with a custom-designed glass shower enclosure to upgrade your bathroom. If you’re looking to upgrade or remodel your bathroom, we’ll point you to your best options and help you keep the project within budget.

Do you still have any questions about our residential glass services? Be sure to take a look at our FAQ page.

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