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The Cost and Estimated Time to Fix a Chipped Windshield

We’ve all been there. You look at your windshield and notice a little mark. At first, you may think it’s water or a reflection of some sort, but when you look closer, you can tell it’s a chip. How do you go about fixing a cracked windshield? Do you call your local windshield repair company, try to repair it yourself using a windshield repair kit, or leave it alone? After all, a small chip surely isn’t a big deal, right? Wrong. The longer your wait to have your windshield repaired, the more damage it can incur. Even if your vehicle is sitting outside, the vibrations from natural forces such as wind and rain can cause the chip to turn into a large crack that covers your entire windshield. Similarly, driving your car isn’t recommended because of the same reason — it can incur further damage results in more costly repairs. So, how can you get your windshield repaired?

If you reside in the greater Raleigh area, Glass Solutions offers mobile windshield repair for an affordable price with same-day service. This way, you can get back out on the road and back to your regular routine.

In this post, our glass repair professionals will explain a) the windshield repair process in regard to price and estimated wait time as well as b) when you should have your windshield repaired by a professional vs using a windshield repair kit.

Causes of Chipped Windshields that Aren’t Road Debris

While the cause of many windshield chips is flying debris that hits your car while you are on the road, there are other ways to incur a windshield chip, so be on the look out for the following so you can protect your vehicle, when possible.

  • Extreme temperatures
  • Dirt
  • Worn-down windshield wiper blades
  • Impact from a bumpy road

Now that you have a clearer sense of how your windshield chip occurred, you can seek out the best windshield repair option. First of all, do you need to fix it right away? And second, should you attempt to repair you windshield yourself?

Do I Need to Fix a Windshield Chip Right Away?

As we mentioned previously, a chip should be tended to right away. That’s because it can worsen quickly. From a windy or rainy day to the sheer impact your car takes from driving it down the road (not to mention when you accidentally hit a pot hole) — a small chip can quickly spread into a large crack that makes it unsafe to drive. Mainly because a chip or crack in your windshield can obscure your view and potentially lead to an accident. 

fixing a cracked windshield in Raleigh

Pro Tip:

If fixing a cracked windshield right away isn’t an option, you’ll want to keep your car in the shade (or in a garage) and avoid using your defroster. As you know, heat makes things expand, and glass is no exception. To that end, avoid using the built-in defroster until you can get your windshield repaired. As previously mentioned, if your chip turns into a wide-spread crack, you may need the entire windshield replaced, which is inherently more expensive.

The more you keep your car out of the natural elements (i.e. away from the sun, rain, wind) and off the road, the higher chance you’ll have of having your windshield repaired vs replaced and for a smaller fee.

Should You Get Your Windshield Repaired or Replaced?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question because each chip is different. Some can just be repaired, while others may require the entire windshield to be replaced. Most of the time if it is a very small chip it can most likely be repaired, however, if you see more of a crack then your windshield probably needs replacing. The experienced glass technicians at Glass Solutions will thoroughly examine your windshield and advise you on whether your windshield can be repaired or if it should be replaced entirely. When possible, our team repairs your windshield to save you money. In the case of a severely damaged windshield or wide-spread crack, we will urge you to replace it for practically and safety reasons.

Fixing a Cracked Windshield by Yourself

If you are curious about whether or not you can repair your windshield yourself and avoid taking it to a professional, the answer is that you can. However, a windshield repair kit, which is commonly used to temporarily fix a broken windshield, only works in the short-term. They are available for you to patch your windshield and prevent further damage before you have it professionally repaired. A windshield repair kit works by filling the crack with resin and allowing it to harden to a glass-like consistency. The goal is to keep the damage from spreading to other parts of the glass. Such a repair kit is convenient and suitable for small chips, short cracks, and surface damage. 

When you buy a windshield repair kit, you should first clean the glass around the chip or crack before applying the adhesive patch and plastic pedestal that should come with the kit. There should also be a syringe that comes with the kit that you can use to inject the epoxy resin. After you allow it to cure, remove the pedestal. Once everything is dry, you can remove any excess epoxy and clean the glass.

Again, bear in mind that this is a temporary fix, and you should have seek out professional windshield repair as soon as you are able.

When Fixing a Cracked Windshield May Not Be the Best Decision

Oftentimes taking the DIY route is not best for your windshield. The repair doesn’t last long, and may not be as effective as having someone with more experience fix your windshield.

You may make matters worse if you try to do it yourself resulting in bigger, more expensive problems. When you have an experienced technician taking care of your windshield chip, you can feel confident that your windshield is going to get fixed correctly. They will not only have the skills to get the job done but also the correct tools.

If your windshield has features like cameras or other things that are integrated into the windshield, trying to fix it yourself can get complicated. You jeopardize these features that may suddenly not work because you’re not experienced with fixing windshields that include these components. An experienced auto glass technician will know how to fix your windshield that has these features without ruining them, as well as recalibrate your vehicle’s camera if a windshield replacement is necessary.

The Cost and Time Needed to Fix a Windshield

Fixing a cracked windshield is affordable and quick when you work with a local glass repair technician. You might even find that your insurance company covers the repair cost. Just be sure to review your insurance policy to see the terms.

Fixing a cracked windshield is quicker and more approachable than you may have ever imagined. At Glass Solutions, we offer mobile windshield repair for $150 and in-store repair for $95. In regards to the estimated time, we can usually repair your windshield is less than one hour. Unforeseen circumstances may require more hands-on time, but the majority of our windshield repairs take little to no time so you can get back to what you were doing.

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